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Omega Optical is recognized as a top-rated provider of contact lenses for vision patients in Philadelphia, PA, and throughout the Delaware Valley, offering a complete range of services from the fitting all the way through the ordering process, so patients can get the highest-quality lenses and care in one location.

Contact Lens Q & A

Can anyone wear contacts?

Most people can wear contacts, including people with significant vision problems. But contact lenses are not an ideal choice for every person (for instance, they may cause irritation in those with chronic dry eyes), and the best way to determine if you're a good candidate for contact lens wear is to schedule an evaluation.

How long will it be before my contacts feel “normal”?

Today's contact lenses are very comfortable, and most people find they adjust completely to their lenses within a week or two, or even sooner. The key to adjusting is to wear your lenses exactly as your eye doctor directs, gradually increasing the time to the maximum recommended and avoiding wearing them for too long during the initial adjustment period. If you have very sensitive eyes, it may take a little longer to adjust.

What kind of care do contacts require?

Unless they're daily wear disposable lenses, contacts require scrupulous cleaning on a regular basis to help prevent corneal irritation and abrasions and to avoid developing serious eye infections that could affect the health of your eye and your vision. The cleaning process is not difficult, but it is essential that you maintain good cleaning habits to avoid problems. Your lenses also need to be properly stored when not being worn. We'll provide you with complete instructions on caring for your lenses, and the care routine will soon become an “old” and familiar habit that easily fits into your daily routine.

Will contact lens wear increase the risk of developing an eye infection?

No, as long as you clean and store your lenses properly, use a good quality lens cleaning solution, never use saliva to moisten your lenses, and have routine eye exams, you can avoid infection and enjoy optimal eye health.


We also accept Flex Spending. Please call the office for any questions regarding insurance.

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